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LENA Facial - CPAP Facial Mask - Löwenstein Medical

LENA Facial - CPAP Facial Mask - Löwenstein Medical

Brand: Löwenstein Medical
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LENA – the new full-face mask from Löwenstein – has been devel- oped specially for ventilation. The primary focus is on a comfortable mask fit, particularly when high pressures are applied

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General description LENA

Three factors are essential for an optimum mask fit at high therapy pressures.

The mask cushion stands out with its double lip. The therapy pressure creates an air cushion that provides a perfect seal without caus- ing any pressure points. The shape mirrors the anatomy and is based on two factors:
Our patient face database that has been growing for many years and the market feedback that is constantly collected and evaluated.

The second important factor concerns the connection between mask cushion and mask body. On the one hand, the connection must be stable during the therapy – both at constantly high pressures and with high pressure differences during

inspiration and exhalation with BiLevel therapy. On the other hand, the connection must be easy to disassemble so that it can be cleaned simply and effectively. An apparent paradox that LENA resolves effectively.

The headgear completes the essential triad. The headgear material is strong enough to ensure that the mask does not leak or become unstable at high pressure differences. An individually adjust- able forehead support including forehead cushion gives LENA extra grip.