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cpap NASAL mask for the treatment of sleep apnea (25)

The nasal mask is the most popular cpap mask. It only covers the nose. The bubbles, or cushions, are made of silicone or soft gel. They exist in several sizes. The lightness and softness of the masks guarantees optimal comfort

What is a nasal cpap mask and how to maintain it?

The CPAP nasal mask is often used as a first-line mask. The nasal mask is the most commonly used CPAP mask. It only covers the nose. The masks are available in several sizes. The CPAP mask is held by a harness fixed on the upper part of the head. The flexible part of the silicone or gel mask must be cleaned every day using hot water and a simple dishwashing product. The so-called rigid parts must be maintained once a week. The harness can be washed at low temperature.

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