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Sleep apnea treatment with auto-adjusting cpap machine (13)

The auto-adjusting CPAP machine adapts the therapeutic pressure according to respiratory events throughout the night. The pressure can vary from 4 to 20 cm of H2O.

How does an auto-adjusting CPAP machine work?

The so-called variable pressure auto-CPAP is a device whose turbine generates a continuous flow of air. The therapeutic pressure continuously adapts according to the residual respiratory events. Air is sent into the upper respiratory tract using a hose and a CPAP mask. The air flow creates an overpressure in the throat and keeps the airways open. Each auto-CPAP has an algorithm that auto-regulates the therapeutic pressure. The quality auto-CPAP must be silent (min 27dB), light, ergonomic and must recognize any type of electrical supply. The integration of a heated humidifier is an interesting option. Some patients with very high therapeutic pressure more easily adopt auto-CPAP.


Maintenance of a auto-adjusting CPAP machine:

It is recommended to rinse the dust filter every week with water. Wait until the filter is completely dry before replacing it on the back of the appliance. The filter must be replaced at least once or twice a year (this will ensure the hygiene and the lifespan of your auto-CPAP device)


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