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AirFit N20 - Nasal CPAP mask for Her - ResMed

AirFit N20 - Nasal CPAP mask for Her - ResMed

Brand: ResMed
Article number: 63510
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The user-friendly nose mask is easy to adjust. Thanks to the streamlined fit with minimal contact and the frame under the eyes, patients with the AirFit N20 can read in bed or watch TV. Set specifically on woman morphology.

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AirFit N20 for Her cpap mask

Innovative InfinitySeal loops. Adapt to the individual characteristics of the patient to ensure a good seal regardless of face type or mask shift.
Adaptive folds. Adapts to different types of nose shapes and sizes by itself
to mold to the profile of each carrier to maintain a good seal.

Soft nose bridge. Takes the shape of the patient's nose bridge to minimize the risk of red spots.

Supporting padding on the side. Presses well against the spacious jaw zone for more stability and coverage.

Flexible lower cushion. Protects the jaws with specially shaped silicone to ensure a good seal around every nasal fold.

Soft cover for the lips. Gradual narrowing to relieve pressure around the upper lip, creating a relaxed and natural feeling.

Lots of space around the upper lip. Offers a lot of space for the mouth and lips to move comfortably.

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