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Mirage FX - CPAP for Her Nasal Mask - ResMed

Mirage FX - CPAP for Her Nasal Mask - ResMed

Brand: ResMed
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The Mirage FX CPAP nasal mask is a simple and effective solution to start a treatment. Its Spring Air bubble ensures a uniform pressure distribution. The front support is light. Size perfectly adapted to the female morphology.

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The new tight fitting harness is ready to use. The SoftTouch edges rest gently on the face, reducing marks and discomfort. The elbow attachment tabs allow it to be fixed to the rigid surround and removed by simple pressure. The flexible front wing support offers many possibilities for positioning and adjustment. The light and resistant entourage is rigid enough to hold the mask against the face, and flexible enough to cushion the patient's movements during sleep. The Spring Air double skirted bubble ensures a uniform distribution of pressure and rests gently on the nasal bridge, thus sparing this sensitive area often source of discomfort
The distribution of the ventilation holes allows the air to be distributed gently and silently, without any discomfort for the spouse. The harness loops simplify its attachment and removal and allow to keep the harness adjustments once defined.