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Light therapy treatment for seasonal depression, jetlag, sleep disorders (1)

Light therapy: how does it work?

The origin of light therapy dates back to the end of the 20th century.

Light therapy consists of being exposed to artificial light which reproduces the energizing and regulating effects of sunlight on the body.

  • The origin of light therapy
  • Principle and health benefits
  • Contraindications and side effects of light therapy
  • What is the difference between light therapy and vitamin D?


Chronobiology   is a branch of biology. She studies the circadian rhythms of our organism which fluctuate over 24 hours. We notice that light therapy has a very important role in correctly synchronizing our biological clock. It acts according to different modes of actions to regulate our body.

  • Find out how circadian rhythms work
  • The role of light on the body
  • Find out how light works on the body


Light therapy is an ideal alternative solution such as winter blues, lack of energy, for sleep rhythm disorders, night work and jet lag.

  • Treat sleep problems with light therapy
  • Overcome jet lag with light therapy
  • Overcome the problems of night work with light therapy

Light therapy lamps

How to choose a light therapy lamp and what are its benefits? It is sometimes difficult to choose the right lamp. We help you in your choice.

  • The different light therapy lamps
  • Find out how to choose your light therapy lamp
  • Discover the differences between a light therapy lamp and a dawn simulator


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