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ClipAir nasal dilator - 3 sizes S-M-L kit

ClipAir nasal dilator - 3 sizes S-M-L kit

Brand: Oscimed
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The ClipAir nasal spreader or nasal dilator improves airflow through the nose. It avoids nasal congestion and snoring. The ClipAir is discreet, comfortable, efficient and reusable. Available in 3 sizes • discret • confortable • efficace • réutilisab

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Use the spreader or nasal dilator ClipAir to stop snoring.


The ClipAir nasal spreader or nasal dilator improves your breathing while you sleep. ClipAir reduces snoring due to chronic nasal congestion. You will sleep better and you will feel more rested when you wake up.
ClipAir is also used during sports activities to widen the nostrils and facilitate the passage of air. The ClipAir nasal spreader or dilator has been clinically validated by healthcare professionals.

The ClipAir nasal spreader or dilator, a solution against snoring


Everyone knows that having a stuffy nose is a pain to live in and even more during the night. Difficult breathing due to a stuffy nose can lead to insomnia, poor restorative sleep, chronic fatigue, difficult breathing and snoring. Using the ClipAir nasal spreader or nasal dilator reduces or completely suppresses snoring. ClipAir prevents the abuse of vasodilator-type nasal drops that are limited to 5 days. Beyond this, side effects may occur.

Operating principle of ClipAir nasal dilator


ClipAir is a natural effective solution against snoring and stuffy nose. Realized in a soft and hypoallergenic material, ClipAir fits gently in the nose while spreading the two nostrils. Thanks to the ClipAir nasal retractor or dilator, the air circulates freely. The body heat will soften the ClipAir will increase the comfort of use. You will be able to breathe again and sleep without snoring in any discretion thanks to ClipAir.

ClipAir Indications

• Sleep disorders (restless sleep, dry throat),
• Snoring,
• Difficult nasal breathing or hypoventilation,
• Narrow nasal partition,
• In combination with a CPAP mask, to optimize the passage of air under pressure,
• In the practice of sports requiring good pulmonary ventilation in order to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Contraindications of ClipAir

Scars or irritation in the nose