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Posiform - Anti-snoring pillow - Oscimed

Posiform - Anti-snoring pillow - Oscimed

Brand: Oscimed
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Anti-snoring pillow with shape memory, against snoring and sleep apnea. Posiform, clinically proven efficacy in sleep disorders related to dorsal posture.

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POSIFORM anti-snoring pillow


The anti-snoring pillow Posiform is used to fight against snoring due to a dorsal sleep. Its anatomical shape requires you to tilt your head to the side while you sleep, which naturally and comfortably brings you to sleep on your side preventing snoring and mild to moderate sleep apneas.
The pillow is composed of 5 support zones and relieves back tension. The central part (hump) is perfectly suited for sleepers on the side. A space is even provided for the ears. Posiform reduces neck pain and night comfort is guaranteed.
Posiform is made in Switzerland from natural materials. The washable covers are made of bamboo velvet (on the outside) and cotton (the inner lining). The padding is made of special memory foam, made from plants, which allows a perfect fit to the shape of your body.
Posiform anti-snoring positioning pillow can be used with Somnofit and Somnofit S mandibular anti-snoring mandibular advancers

What we like at Posiform


Posiform is an anti-snoring pillow that acts effectively on your position while you sleep. Posiform has been specifically designed to prevent you from sleeping on your back and therefore snoring or having respiratory arrest (apnea). Posiform is a gentle, natural, non-invasive therapy for suppressing snoring and apnea (mild to moderate). It's a good inexpensive and effective way to regain all your energy after a restful night's sleep.
The Posiform is comfortable, its materials are of very high quality and it has excellent durability over time. It does not sag in use and keeps it up after many years of use. It is of absolute discretion, your partner will not notice it except for the disappearance of noise nuisance related to snoring.

Description of Posiform


The dorsal position for sleeping is often the cause of snoring. By a phenomenon of sliding of the tongue towards the back of the throat, snoring appears. The anti-snoring pillow Posiform promotes lateral rotation of the head and prevents the dorsal position during sleep. The respiratory obstructions that cause snoring decrease and even disappear. Quality textiles are herbal. The two sides, made of bamboo velvet (outside) and cotton (the inner lining), are soft to the skin and soft. The memory foam inside prevents perspiration.

Characteristics of Posiform

Length: 30 cm
Width: 56 cm
Height: variable due to the curved shape of the cushions, between 8 cm at the flatest place and up to 12 cm at the highest point.
Weight: approx. 1 kg
Removable. Washable at 30 ° C, certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Usage tips

Positional snores appear when you sleep on your back. In this case, the PosiForm anti-snoring pillow is the ideal solution. The head is brought into lateral position. You can also opt for Somnofit anti-snoring dental orthosis solution and Somnofit S.
If your snoring is due to bad nasal breathing (chronic nasal congestion), you can use the ClipAir nasal spacer solution. Several solutions can be combined to achieve the best treatment outcome
Lie down with your head facing to the side. The anatomical shape of the Posiform pillow prevents you from sleeping on your back.
The covers can be washed in machines at 30 ° C maximum. The inside of the foam pillow can not be washed with water!

Medical study abstract


Posiform - Anti-snoring pillow - Oscimed

Je reviens vers vous pour vous faire part de mon entière satisfaction quant à l’oreiller Posiform.
En effet, j’ai constaté une diminution drastique du nombre de ronflements par nuit.
Pour info, j’utilise une application qui enregistre mon sommeil donc les ronflements et autres bruits durant toute la nuit
Je vais également commandé le Somnofit S afin de ne plus avoir un quelconque ronflement durant la nuit.
Merci beaucoup pour les conseils prodigués par votre société et que je recommanderai vivement auprès de mon entourage.

5 / 5