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Somnofit- Mouth guard against snoring and sleep apnea

Somnofit- Mouth guard against snoring and sleep apnea

Brand: Oscimed
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Somnofit: thermoformable dental mandibular advancement effective against snoring and sleep apnea. This anti-snoring dental orthosis is adjustable between 3 and 10.5 mm in 6 positions. Perfect adaptation to the dentition.

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SOMNOFIT mandibular advancement device against snoring and sleep apnea


The Somnofit mandibular advancement device against snoring and sleep apnea is a patented medical device that reduces and/or completely removes snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea.
The anti-snoring device Somnofit is placed in the mouth just before sleeping. It releases the upper respiratory tract by the principle of advancement of the lower jaw during the night. The space is released at the back of the throat and clears the nocturnal respiratory obstructions. Thanks to this technique of mandibular advancement, you find peaceful nights without snoring or apnea (if they are light to moderate). With the adjustment bands, you can choose from 6 levels of mandibular advancement (from 3 mm to +10.5 mm).
This Somnofit anti-snoring mandibular advancement device is adjusted to your teeth by a hot thermoforming principle. Simply immerse it for 3 minutes in a hot water container at 80 ° C. You can readjust it several times, which guarantees that the Somnofit device is perfectly adapted to your teeth and that your comfort is optimal.
Made in Switzerland according to the strictest European medical standards.

How does the Somnofit anti-snoring device work?


Somnofit mandibular advancement anti-snoring device is the most comfortable solution for effectively controlling snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. It is made in Switzerland according to the strictest hygiene standards. The Somnofit snoring device opens the airways by gently shifting the jaw forward. You can choose the ideal degree of advancement.
Several bands of different size settings allow a very precise fit. Its design offers several possibilities of adjustments. The anti-snoring device Somnofit adapts perfectly to your morphology and your dentition.
In case of dental problem (damaged, unstable teeth) we invite you to consult your dentist or doctor beforehand.



Total width of the gutter: 5.8 cm; width of the gutter: max. 1.5 cm
Overall length of the gutter (measured from the back to the front): 4.6 cm
Height of each gutter: max. 1.2 cm
6 degrees of protrusion, standard values: +3 mm / +4.5 mm / +6 mm / +7.5 mm / +9 mm / +10.5 mm (for a user with class 1 dental position)
Lifespan: 18-24 months on average (very short time in case of bruxism)
Contents: two gutters, 6 adjustment bands, ventilated storage box, floating thermometer

Recommendations of use


It is very important to identify the origin of snoring. You can consult a sleep specialist, your dentist or your general practitioner first.
When the snoring is of obstructive origin, ie due to obstruction of the upper respiratory tract. The anti-snoring orthosis SOMNOFIT is the ideal device to fight against obstructive snoring.
Snoring can occur or be aggravated when you sleep in a dorsal position. For this, the use of a Posiform anti-snoring pillow can be effective.
The Somnofit snoring brace may not be suitable for you, if
You have prognathia or if your teeth are tilted sharply forward
You suffer from pain in the jaw, loose teeth, serious gum disease or temporomandibular joint or other jaw condition
You have chronic asthma or epilepsy
You wear denture or dentures, dentures or bridges, or if you have problems with the front teeth at the top or bottom
Under 18 years old
If you fall into one of these categories, please contact us or consult your dentist before making any purchase decision.



The steps to follow:
It is important to follow the adjustment advice carefully, namely:
Respecting the water temperature 80 ° C (please use the supplied thermometer).
The soaking time of the gutters (3 minutes).
Adjustment in the mouth of the gutters (start with the upper jaw).
The adjustment procedure in front of a mirror.
Before going to bed, simply place the Somnofit orthosis against snoring in your mouth. It will move your lower jaw forward, preventing any narrowing or obstruction of the airway, a leading cause of snoring.
You can clean your Somnofit snoring brace with mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not use any strong corrosive or degreaser products. This could alter the life of the Somnofit orthosis.