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Clipair Nasal dilator - Snoring solution

Clipair Nasal dilator - Snoring solution

Brand: Oscimed
Article number: S-CLIP-S
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ClipAir the solution against snoring linked to a nasal obstruction. Available in 3 sizes (SML) • discreet • comfortable • efficient • reusable • 3 sizes supplied

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Nasal Dilator

  • Medical device intended to combat snoring due to nasal congestion. Can be used for sports. The principle of widening the nostrils contributes to the improvement of nasal breathing and allows better sleep.
  • Perfect fit to your body shape. Simply dip the nasal dilator in warm water to adjust it perfectly to your nasal septum.
  • 3 different sizes in soft medical grade plastic. Guaranteed comfort of use.
  • Made in Switzerland.


The Clipair nasal dilator or nasal retractor delicately widens the nostrils and thus facilitates the passage of air. Oral breathing will be reduced and snoring will decrease. The quality of your sleep will be improved.

The product is flexible and can be thermoformed to facilitate nasal adjustment. No side effects are reported. Made of odorless, BPA free, medical grade plastic.


  • Size S: total width: 2 cm; bridge height: 1.7 cm; diameter of the nostril dilator: 0.9 cm
  • Size M: total width: 2.2 cm; bridge height: 1.8 cm; diameter of the nostril dilator: 1 cm
  • Size L: total width: 2.6 cm; bridge height: 1.9 cm; diameter of the nostril dilator: 1.2 cm

Usage tips

The Clipair nasal dilator is used to facilitate the passage of air through the nostrils. If the causes of snoring are not due to repetitive nasal congestion, then treatment for snoring will be ineffective. On the other hand Clipair can be used in combination with the Somnfit and Somnofit S anti-snoring dental orthoses and the Posiform anti-snoring positioning pillow.


Do not use the ClipAir nasal dilator if:

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Asymmetry of the nose or severe nasal breathing disorders

In these cases, consult your doctor.

Keep it out of reach of children; risk of suffocation.


Insert the ClipAir nasal dilator into your nostrils and make sure that the hooks on the sides are placed inside the nostrils. They must then be able to spread the nostrils by exerting a slight pressure on the wings of the nose. The element which connects the two sides, in the form of a loop, must be positioned on the columella, without exerting pressure.
If the nasal dilator is not properly adjusted, immerse it in a hot bath (60 ° C) and then adjust its shape so that it fits your nose.
After use, clean the retractor with warm water and soap. For hygiene reasons, and to guarantee the quality of the material, this product must be replaced every three months.

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