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S.BOX by Starck - Auto-CPAP - SEFAM

S.BOX by Starck - Auto-CPAP - SEFAM

Brand: Sefam
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SBox AUTO-CPAP device from Sefam Medical designed by Philippe Starck. Combination of design, ergonomics, technology and e-health in this auto-CPAP connected by Bluetooth, GSM or Wi-Fi.

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Package contents

- 1 x CPAP / PPC S.Box Auto-CPAP device

- 1 x carrying bag

- 1 x air hose

- 1 x power cord

- 1 x user guide


Cpap / ppc mask NOT included


Auto-CPAP S.Box Sefam Medical designed by Philippe Starck

This new auto-CPAP S.Box inspired the famous designer Philippe Starck who wanted to give a more sensual note to medical equipment. In addition to its design, the S.Box is a concentrate of technology in the area of e-health.


Auto-CPAP S.Box and connectivity

The SEFAM Connect platform integrates the information transmitted by the S.Box and compatible connected objects such as saturometers, blood pressure monitors, etc. The connection can be made via Bluetooth, GSM or Wi-Fi.


Auto-CPAP S.Box: a concentrate of innovations

iRamp, Intelligent start, Wave and Go, Mask Fit and Go, CC + Mode, Circuit Select, Mask Select, Autopilot Mode, Adaptive Thermo Control, Humid Control +. Consult the information sheet for more information.

245 X 140 X 110 mm without humidifier

245 X 185 X 110 mm with humidifier

1,4 kg without humidifier

1,7 kg met with humidifier


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