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Prisma 20A- Auto-CPAP / PPC autopilot - Löwenstein Medical

Prisma 20A- Auto-CPAP / PPC autopilot - Löwenstein Medical

Brand: Löwenstein Medical
Article number: WM29600-1110
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Delivery time: 1 to 2 weeks

Compact, light, ultra-quiet, robust. It meets the most stringent technical requirements in terms of comfort and treatment efficiency. Thanks to the forced oscillation technology, detection of Cheyne-Stokes type breathing.

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Package contents

- Prisma 20A Auto-CPAP device

- Air hose cpap

- Power supply

- transport bag

- Manual

- 1 x Dust filter

Cpap / ppc mask NOT included


Advantages of Löwenstein Medical's Prisma 20A autopilot CPAP / PPC


By choosing the Prisma 20A from Löwenstein Medical you will always make the right choice! This innovative device, very easy to use, completes the prismaLINE range.
Take advantage of this ace of ventilation: concrete ideas implemented for practice. It characterizes all our products since we develop them consistently according to the wishes of our partners. We thus create intuitive, reliable, economical manipulation devices at the cutting edge of art.

• Ultra silent
• Uniform use concept and clear menus
• Large LCD screen - clearly visible display
• Two pressure regulation algorithms
• Differentiation of obstructive / central events

Thanks to the forced oscillation technology, detection of Cheyne-Stokes type breathing in the whole prismaLINE range.

The Prisma 20A reliably differentiates between obstructive and central apneas using the oscillatory pressure signal (FOT).

Safety: with improved oscillatory pressure signal (FOT) to better differentiate between central and obstructive apneas now with an even more natural breathing sensation.

Accuracy: updated algorithm for identification of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea and flow limitations

Reliability: automatic recognition of the mask and continuous monitoring of its correct placement


Löwenstein Medical's new prisma 20A continues the tradition of high-quality autopilot CPAP / CPAP devices from Löwenstein Medical and also offers the patient personalized ventilation therapy with its two new algorithms for classic or dynamic pressure regulation . SoftPAP expiratory assistance can be activated at any time. The user interface is simple and classic with a clearly visible display of different information. Pollen filters are included in the delivery. The prisma 20A can be combined with the prismaAQUA humidifier.



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In order to ensure effective therapy, we configure your CPAP / PPC before sending it to you. These settings take a little time. Please send us the therapeutic pressure prescribed by your doctor.