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Sanabrux dental splint against grinding of teeth - Bruxism - Oscimed

Sanabrux dental splint against grinding of teeth - Bruxism - Oscimed

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Sanabrux the dental splint or dental orthosis that molds perfectly to your teeth. It protects your teeth against the negative effects of bruxism or grinding of teeth during the night. Grinding your teeth causes premature wear of your teeth, migraines and

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Sanabrux dental protection against grinding of teeth


The Sanabrux dental protection orthosis is an effective medical device and clinically recognized against the grinding of teeth during the night (bruxism). Repetitive headaches and neck and muscle pain may be related to the grinding of the teeth.
The Sanabrux dental protection orthosis is placed on the upper jaw at night or during the day. The Sanabrux dental gutter protects your teeth and limits jaw contractions and tensions.
The Sanabrux dental protection splint adapts perfectly to your teeth and jaw. The principle of hot thermoforming in water allows a perfect fit to your dentition and ensures optimum comfort of use.
Sanabrux is manufactured in Switzerland according to the strictest European medical standards.

Sanabrux Indications


The use of Sanabrux prevents headaches, migraines and pain in the jaw muscles if you suffer from bruxism (grinding of teeth).
Bruxism can be diurnal and nocturnal. The person who suffers from bruxism has unfortunately no control over the twitches of his jaw and this mainly at night (about 80% of cases). Linked to stress, bruxism is of central origin. The only solution is to use a Sanabrux gutter to protect your teeth and avoid the inconvenience of jaw clenching and grinding of teeth. Over time, bruxism causes significant tooth enamel wear and sensitizes your teeth to changes in temperature and food.

Use of Sanabrux dental protection


The Sanabrux bruxism dental protection orthosis prevents you from cringeing and squeezing. Bruxism causes wear of the teeth (weakens the enamel of your teeth), see their complete destruction. Bruxism also causes tension and pain in the neck and back. Problems with the temporomandibular joint are also common.
The Sanabrux gutter is applied to the teeth of the upper jaw. Its innovative and lightweight design ensures maximum comfort. Sanabrux frees you from the problems of grinding your teeth and preserves the rest of your partner.

Recommendations of use


Please consult your doctor or dentist to see if Sanabrux is right for you. Pay attention to the following situations:
you have serious gum problems (periodontitis)
you have less than 8 teeth on the top row
you have mobile teeth
you are under 18

Instructions and usage tips

The steps to follow:
It is important to follow the adjustment advice carefully, namely:
Respecting the water temperature at 80 ° C (please use the supplied thermometer).
The soaking time of the gutter (3 minutes).
The adjustment in the mouth of the gutter.
The procedure of adjustment in front of a mirror.
Before going to bed, simply place the Sanabrux Orthosis against the grinding of teeth in your mouth. It will protect your teeth against bruxism and help diminish the side effects of grinding teeth.
Before use, please refer to the detailed instructions.
You can clean your brace against the grinding of teeth Sanabrux with mild soap and warm water. Do not use strong corrosive products or degreasers. This could affect the life of the Sanabrux orthosis.