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Ronfless COMFORT

Ronfless COMFORT

Brand: Ronfless
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Ronfless is a belt which acts effectively against snoring and against obstructive sleep apnea related to the position of the body on the back during sleep. Ronfless is comfortable to wear. Ronfless teaches you how to sleep on your side.

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General description of the Ronfless Comfort

Clinical tests carried out for more than 18 months in a sleep unit have revealed that the use of Ronfless Comfort reduces sleep time on the back by more than 79% while keeping sleep time intact.

Ronfless Confort makes the back posture uncomfortable and promotes the side postion. You will relearn how to sleep on your side.

The Ronfless ® Comfort belt measures 110cm and is suitable for people whose torso is less than or equal to 115cm. Beyond 115cm of torso, it is also necessary to order the large Comfort extension.
The torso measurement is measured under the breasts for women and at the chest level for men.

Precautions for use when using the Ronfless Comfort

Follow the instructions and advice given by your attending physician.
Do not put Ronfless ® in contact with fatty substances (cream, ointment) or stain remover.
Do not wear Ronfless ® directly on injured skin.
If there is an allergy, seek medical advice.
The adaptable size Ronfless ® device for men and women is not suitable for children and pregnant women.

Maintenance of the Ronfless Comfort

Wash Ronfless ® Comfort by hand in warm, soapy water without bleach or detergent. Rinse thoroughly.
Do not use a dryer. Do not twist or wring. Do not iron. Dry flat.



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