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AYOlite - Light therapy glasses

AYOlite - Light therapy glasses

Brand: RMED
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The AYOlite glasses can help with winter blues, but also with sleeping problems, fatigue, jet lag, improving sports performance, extra energy and working in shifts.

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AYO light therapy: proven successful!

Our approach combines chronobiology, light therapy, the latest scientific insights and collaborations with leading scientists worldwide.

When advanced technology and new scientific insights come together

AYO has a scientific basis and is advised by leading experts and researchers, such as Prof. Dr. Thomas Kantermann . As pioneers in Circadian Health, we are helping to reshape the foundations of health and wellness. AYO works closely and extensively with researchers and health organizations and is involved in a large number of clinical studies.


How does AYO work?

The optimal blue-turquoise light with a wavelength of 470 nanometers enters the eyes. Here it stimulates so-called photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGC).


Perfect wavelength

AYOlite provides you with optimal blue-turquoise light with a wavelength of 470 nanometers for the best effect.

Stylish, minimalist design


Unlike other light therapy glasses, AYO looks stylish, modern and elegant. The style is important too.



AYOlite is much sleeker and more refined than other light therapy glasses. The frame weighs only 35 grams, so you hardly notice that you are wearing light therapy glasses.


Can be combined with glasses


Unlike many other light therapy glasses, AYOlite can be combined with normal glasses (you can simply place your AYOlite over them).


One size fits all


Thanks to the easily adjustable nose and flexible temples, the AYOlite light therapy glasses are suitable for any size head.


International recognition


AYO is internationally recognized as the best light therapy glasses.


Very easy to use

Open the legs, place the AYOlite on your head and your light therapy session starts! Within 20 minutes you will notice that your energy level and mood have received a powerful boost.