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EcoStar - CPAP machine - Sefam

EcoStar - CPAP machine - Sefam

Brand: Sefam
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Continuous positive airway pressure CPAP EcoStar device used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) syndrome. Compact and light (644 grs), easy to use and quiet (27dB), enough to ensure a relaxing night.

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The CPAP device EcoStar SEFAM is indicated for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome "SAOS". The technical performance of the EcoStar such as low noise level (27dB), compactness, light weight, altitude compensation and international power supply make the CPAP EcoStar SEFAM the ideal companion both at home and on the road . The use of this CPAP is extremely simple. The CPAP EcoStar SEFAM also offers excellent value for money.

Operating principle of the EcoStar SEFAM CPAP device:


The CPAP EcoStar SEFAM is a medical device that delivers continuous positive pressure through a hose and mask (nasal, pillow or full face). This continuous positive pressure releases the upper airway, preventing complete blockage of the back of your throat by soft tissue sagging. It is the subsidence of these soft tissues that causes sleep apnea. EcoStar CPAP treatment removes sleep apnea and results can be seen in the first night.

Benefits of EcoStar SEFAM CPAP treatment:


The release of the upper respiratory tract by the use of CPAP EcoStar SEFAM suppresses all forms of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. The patient now sleeps restful and complete nights without apneas, micro-arousals or snoring. He/she is more dynamic, rested and avoids other severe medical problems that could develop later for lack of treatment.

Product Content:

- 1 x CPAP EcoStar Sefam
- 1 x transport bag
- 1 x air hose 1,80 m - 22 mm diam.
- 1 x dust filters
- 1 x power cord
- 1 x user guide
- 2 years warranty

Remember to order your CPAP mask

To ensure effective therapy, we configure your CPAP before sending it to you. These settings require a little time. Please give us the therapeutic pressure prescribed by your doctor.

EcoStar - CPAP machine - Sefam

Prima prijs/kwaliteit geluidsarm en makkelijk in te stellen cpap apparaat
Telefonisch goed bereikbaar en vragen worden goed beantwoord. Snelle levering

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EcoStar - CPAP machine - Sefam

Uitstekende machine voor de meeste mensen met apneu. Licht, stil, voordelig en makkelijke functie. Geef aan welke druk je nodig hebt. Snelle bezorging, vragen worden meteen beantwoord.

5 / 5