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AirFit F10 - CPAP Full Face Mask - ResMed

AirFit F10 - CPAP Full Face Mask - ResMed

Brand: ResMed
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The CPAP AirFit F10 Full face cpap mask clears the field of vision. The lack of forehead support allows you to wear glasses, watch TV or read while wearing the mask. Strong seal and stability. Ease of use With only 4 components, the AirFit F10 mask i


The SoftEdgeTM harness is made of a fabric reducing marks on the face and ensuring comfort and support. The Bubble is clip-on for easy installation. Circular diffusion vents gently and quietly diffuse the air, without discomfort for the patient and his partner. The quick-release elbow makes it easier to attach and detach the elbow. The surroundings of the mask are rigid and discreet. Its design offers stability and a clear field of vision. The Spring AirTM double skirt bubble has been designed to offer comfort and waterproofness.

The harness loops are designed to simplify attachment and facilitate the use of the mask

Fabric covers are provided to improve patient comfort.

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