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Airview Remote Assist - ResMed Airsense 11

Airview Remote Assist - ResMed Airsense 11

Brand: ResMed
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AirView's Remote Assist feature enables remote troubleshooting of therapy device issues and modification of clinical settings - 1 year contract !

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Airview Remote Assist - General description 

The big advantage of all of the ResMed CPAP machines is the ability for us to remotely monitor your therapy. All of the machines have a built-in sim card which sends us the data after each night of use. As a result of this remote monitoring we are then able to make changes to suit your individual therapy needs. The parameters we can change remotely are your pressure settings, the ramp settings, so the time to get from start pressure up to the therapy pressure, and also the humidity settings within your machine.

The remote monitoring software allows us to track some general data. So on this chart we’re looking at usage. This next one will give us some summary data. It will let us know on average how long you’re using the machine each night. It will allow us to see what your average pressures are. It will also let us know how many times per hour your airway was blocked off during the night. It will also give us a little idea on how much your mask is leaking, which then gives us clues if we need to make any changes to either your mask seal or your pressure settings.

On top of this we can then go right into the detailed data which will show us some charts, and it’ll allow us to pinpoint certain parts of the night where your pressure might be increasing too much or your might be experiencing mask leak