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Dental tray that protects your teeth from grinding

Dental tray that protects your teeth from grinding
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What is bruxism or teeth grinding?

Bruxism is equivalent to a grinding or clenching of the teeth, sometimes violently. Teeth grinding is often unconscious and occurs mainly during the night but sometimes also during the day. Bruxism manifests itself in both children and adults. The prevalence of bruxism is higher in women than in men.

Teeth grinding can be day or night. The person who suffers from bruxism unfortunately has no control over the tightness of his jaw and this mainly at night (about 80% of cases). Linked to stress, bruxism is of central origin. Ultimately, bruxism causes significant wear of the tooth enamel and sensitizes your teeth to changes in temperature and food.


What are the causes of bruxism or teeth grinding?


Strangely, there are no specific causes of bruxism but it is more and more considered as a sleep disorder?


What are the treatments ?

The bruxism dental brace prevents you from grinding and clenching your teeth. Bruxism causes wear of the teeth (weakens the enamel of your teeth), see their complete destruction. Bruxism is also the source of tension and pain in the neck and back. Problems with the temporomandibular joint are also common.

The dental splint or tray is applied to the teeth of the upper jaw. Its innovative and light design ensures maximum comfort, freeing you from the problems associated with grinding your teeth and preserving your partner's rest.

The Sanabrux dental protection tray is an effective and clinically recognized medical device against the grinding of teeth at night (bruxism). Repeated headaches, pain in the neck and muscles can be linked to gnashing of teeth.

The dental protection tray is placed on the upper jaw, at night or during the day. The dental tray protects your teeth and limits contractions and tensions in the jaw.

The principle of hot thermoforming in water allows a perfect adjustment to your teeth and guarantees optimal comfort of use.