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CPAP Dreamstation Pro - Philips

CPAP Dreamstation Pro - Philips

Brand: Philips Respironics
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DreamStation Pro CPAP is responsive, informative, easy to use, and connects remotely to your healthcare team. It is designed to offer you optimal comfort and help you stay focused on your treatment.


Main features Philips Dreamstation Pro cpap

Color screen with icon navigation.

As one of the main brands of PPC, it offers a full range of wireless options , including Bluetooth®, cellular and WiFi

Confirms every morning that your device worked properly overnight and issues maintenance alerts and reminders every 30 days

Supplied with the DreamMapper app , which gives you detailed information about your progress

Philips is the most prescribed sleep treatment system in the United States by sleep specialists.

Display settings

CPAP devices offer different settings that allow your doctor to adjust the air pressure. Always use the setting indicated by your doctor.


The tubes pass air from the device to the mask. It is important to place the tube above or through the headboard so as not to pinch it.

Air filter

Filters ensure that you only breathe clean air. Some devices are fitted with a filter and others with an ultra-fine filter.

A humidifier can connect directly to your device to add moisture to the air you breathe.

Replacement schedule

Air filter: monthly

Tube: every 3 months

DreamStation device: every 5 years