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DreamStation Go - Humidifier - Philips

DreamStation Go - Humidifier - Philips

Brand: Philips Respironics
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Smart humidification all night long - Thinnest portable humidifier - Tap or bottled water - Water-saving technology - Works with any mask



Lightweight and compact design for easy transport

The heated humidifier from DreamStation Go is designed to go unnoticed in your suitcase. It is the thinnest portable humidifier among the leading brands of PPC⁵ devices, allowing you to travel easily by land, sea or air.

Thanks to the possibility of using tap, bottled or distilled water, the DreamStation Go heated humidifier can reduce the inconvenience of transporting heavy and bulky containers or searching for distilled water on arrival . You can choose to travel light, while enjoying the same comfort offered by the heated humidification as at home.
Intelligent humidification throughout the night

DreamStation Go is equipped with water-saving technology designed to provide you with a full night of heated humidification⁴ through active monitoring of the environment and treatment settings, and automatic adjustment of humidity delivery when the humidifier target time is activated. In addition, if you do not fill the humidifier enough or forget to fill it, our heating plate stop function takes over to prevent you from being supplied with dry and uncomfortable air for the rest of the night.