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Blue - CPAP machine- DeVilbiss Healthcare

Blue - CPAP machine- DeVilbiss Healthcare

Brand: DeVilbiss Healthcare
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CPAP equipment of new generation. Very light, very quiet (<27dB), available with built-in heated humidifier, Smart-Flex function (help for easier breathing out). Detects apneas and hypopneas, snoring.


Package Contents

- 1 x cpap device Blue

- 1 x air hose

- 1 x carrying case

- 1 x power cable

- 1 x user manual

- 1 x dust filter

cpap mask NOT included



Introduction to CPAP DeVilbiss Blue

If one suffers from obstructive sleep apnea syndrome , the best solution remains treatment with a CPAP device . Patients often first view the sound level, but other parameters such as the pressure stability and the performance of the algorithm must also be taken into account. The CPAP DeVilbiss Blue is not only very quiet but also very high-tech and yet easy to use.

DeVilbiss Blue CPAP Deep Blue algorithm

Deep Blue is the new powerful algorithm made by DeVilbiss to detect and correct events.


The DeVilbiss Blue CPAP algorithm sets a new standard for data and performance. By improving sensitivity to a full spectrum of respiratory events, DeVilbiss Blue can detect more data and correct it more accurately, giving the patient more comfort. With a responsive and thorough analysis, DeVilbiss Blue can differentiate a simple obstructive sleep apnea from more complex scenarios, such as a central apnea or multiple pathologies.
Thus, hypopnea , obstructive apnea , snoring , oral exhalations , leakage , flow restrictions, arousals related to breathing attempts , central apnea and periodic breathing are now all identified and reported to the DeVilbiss Blue CPAP device .

DeVilbiss Blue CPAP Turbine accuracy

True Blue - The unrivaled performance of a precise, stable and quiet turbine.


The ventilation turbine is the heart of the DeVilbiss Blue CPAP . A standard turbine could not meet the high demands of the DeVilbiss Blue . That is why our engineers have completely revised their design and designed a unique turbine that is capable of delivering high, stable and accurate pressures in a still improved operational silence.

Proper treatment of obstructive sleep apnea starts with the ease of use of the CPAP

Clear Blue: Easy to set up, easy to use.


Thanks to the large color screen and the intuitive control wheel , the DeVilbiss Blue CPAP is incredibly easy to set up and use. The graphical representation of various functions, such as SmartFlex and Inspiratory / Expiratory Slopes , is easy to interpret and adjust.



CPAP / AutoCPAP comparison table

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To ensure effective therapy, we configure your CPAP before it is sent to you. These settings require some time. Please give us the therapeutic pressure prescribed by your doctor.