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EcoStar - Autocpap - Sefam

EcoStar - Autocpap - Sefam

Brand: Sefam
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The EcoStar auto-CPAP continuously adjusts the pressure according to respiratory events. Specific auto-calibration function. Light (750 g) and small in size. Optimal comfort of use, without specific adjustment.


Package contents

- 1 x CPAP / PPC EcoStar Auto-CPAP device

- 1 x carrying bag

- 1 x air hose 1.80 m - 22 mm diam.

- 1 x dust filters

- 1 x power cord

- 1 x user guide

Cpap / ppc mask NOT included


Features auto-cpap Ecostar from Sefam.

An auto-CPAP is a device allowing the treatment of sleep apnea independently. Auto-CPAP incorporates cutting-edge algorithm-based technology that identifies events occurring during the patient's sleep.

How does a self-CPAP work?

The EcoStar ™ Auto algorithm responds to moderate obstructive events such as inspiratory flow limitation and snoring. The autopilot mode differentiates between central and obstructive events and thus makes it possible to deliver optimal pressure at all times, increasing the pressure only in the event of apnea or hypopnea recognized as obstructive by the algorithm.

How do I follow my auto-CPAP treatment?

Detailed usage data is saved for one year in the device memory, as well as the patient's actual flow over the last 16 hours of use.
This data can be analyzed by DreamStar Analyze software and presented in the form of a summary report and graph for a simple and complete evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment.

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CPAP / AutoCPAP comparison table

In order to ensure effective therapy, we configure your CPAP before sending it to you. These settings take a little time. Please send us the therapeutic pressure prescribed by your doctor.