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Aeonmed AS100A Autocpap + Humidifier

Aeonmed AS100A Autocpap + Humidifier

Brand: AEON
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The AEONMED AS100 Auto CPAP provider precise treatment pressure for patients that will adjust the treatment pressure according to the patients breathing airflow and airway condition ensuring both the effectiveness and comfort in the treatment experience.

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Contents packaging

- auto-cpap machine Aeonmed AS100 

- Humidifier

- cpap air hose

- Power supply unit

- travelling bag

- Instructions for use

- dust filters

   cpap mask NOT included


The unit has the following functions:

  • Super smooth shifts between inspiration and expiration
  • AS-Dry Technology
  • Intelligent Identifying CSA and avoids improper pressure rise
  • Real-time titration
  • AS-Elex expiration pressure release
  • 5 inch touch screen design enables better operator experience
  • 3 Kg light and compact. Market leader for weight.
  • 5 Year data storage
  • P90 Pressure Data
  • Folded Pm2.5 pollen filter with efficient filtering (optional)
  • Quiet Technology <30DB
  • Travel CPAP – Remove Humidifier Unit

Clinical Manuals and download software for PC are available on request for clinicians or sleep technicians to assist with settings.

Medical Device Technologies Overview

Medical Device Technologies is an Australian company based in Brisbane. The company has been operating since 2006 and in 2019 started distribution of the AEONMED AS100 Auto CPAP. This machine is suitable for the treatment of sleep apnea and sleep disorders. We also supply other items of sleep apnea equipment and supplies that support this machine.

The AEONMED CPAP is an affordable CPAP machine.

Additional information

Weight: 2.1 kg
Dimensions: 34 × 30 × 12 cm

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